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Download our App (Freshperts) and enjoy even more agile orders and order from all our kitchens in a combined order.

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Hi there! As you already know, TakoTako is one of the Freshperts family's kitchens, a family of expert kitchens among which you can find Sushi (Sushifresh), Pokes (Fish and Greens), Mexican (TakoTako) or healthy bowls (Rainbolws).

If you know us, you know that we strive to create fresh, exquisite dishes that are really good to take directly from our kitchen to your table regardless of the time or place where you are.

Now we have all our kitchens together in our new APP so you can enjoy them all in one place and further improve your experience when ordering your favorite dishes.

We create Freshperts for you.

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Order from all our kitchens in one combined order

Why is Freshperts better than other APPs? Very easy, you can combine all our kitchens in one order!

Order Sushifresh makis and a delicious Boko curry, or better, a Fish and Greens poke and TakoTako tacos?

There is no limit, combine our kitchens as you like and configure your order to everyone's taste, in addition, all kitchens have configurable options with which you can create your dishes with the ingredients that you like the most.

In short, Freshperts offers you the possibility of customizing your order at the highest level, so the table at lunch or dinner is always to everyone's taste.

Download it and discover the possibility of combining ingredients and our cuisines without limits.

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Freshperts App

TakoTako has an APP!

Download the APP and enjoy 3€ on your first order.

Leave us your email to be able to recognize your account, download the APP and enter with that same email. You will receive 3€ discount directly for your next order, without doing anything, they will be deducted from the total.
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